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FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEWS | 6-8pm 13th August 2013 | Deadline 6th August 2013

It has taken a while but I've managed to organise free portfolio reviews for a selection of skint & talented photographers.

I asked a number of photo industry people who I've met and worked with over the years to give up their time to give free portfolio reviews to a small group. The portfolio reviews are going to be just as odd and original as the Punktum Workshops that ran this spring. I hope that each participant will get at least three reviews from a diverse group of people with a huge amount of experience as picture editors, pro photographers, gallerists, publishers, photography lecturers, writers etc

There is a trend to charge anywhere from £70-£700 to have someone from the industry look at your photographs. If you are a freelance photographer then you know how impossible it is to buy your way in. Not to tread on anyones toes the Punktum portfolio applicants have to be skint, talented and not have paid for a portfolio review in the last year. I don't want to undermine the titanic global portfolio review business - just provide some help to those who can't afford to pay for advice.


1. Be Talented.
2. Be Skint.
3. You haven't paid for a portfolio review in the past year.
4. You are not in full time education.

Send 5 low res jpegs or weblink from one series/body of work that you would like to have reviewed to punktum@edwardthompson.co.uk and make sure that you are free from 6-8pm on the 13th August 2013 and can get to East London.


All applications must be received by midnight on the 6th August 2013. As with all Punktum opportunites there is the possibility that the deadline will be brought forward due to an overwhelming response.


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*Please note that Punktum is only open to photographers who do not pay for portfolio reviews or workshops.